Circle of Healing:

Cast a circle with blooming thistles: demarcate the entire circle or place one bloom in each of the four cardinal points.  Bring the animal within the circle, in order to intensify the effects of any healing or cleansing spells.

Saint Benedict's Healing Spell

In his lifetime, Saint Benedict persecuted pagans and witches One wonders how he would have reacted had he known that, centuries later, He'd be magically petitioned, to assist ailing animals?

Burn a white candle dedicated to St Benedict and offer him a glass of brandy or Benedictine.

Make your petition of healing; St Benedicts animal ally is the crow. Look for the appearance of a crow to indicate a response to your petition. 

Masterwort Strength Spell


Masterwort allegedly imparts greater physical strength and has thus been used to assist beasts of burden. Place masterort in an amulet bag and attach to the animal as desired.   

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