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Bad Habits Bath

Add the following to a tub filled with warm water

*essential oil of clary sage

*essential oil of frankincense 

*essential oil of lavender

*essential oil of lemongrass or may chang

*essential oil of rosemary

enter the bath and inhale the fragrance, and accompany with affirmations and positive visualisations 

Crystal Bad Habit Breaking Spell

Use double-terminated crystals to help break old habits and destructive patterns, and to heal addictions.  Other beneficial stones include amethyst and kunzite, which interestingly contains lithium,  used medicinally to treat depressions and bi-polar.

* Carry the gem stones in a conjure bag

*  Lay the stones on or around the body

*  use the stones as a focal point for visualisation and meditation spells

Devil Card Banishing Spell

1.  Remove the devil card from a rider-waite tarot deck. (other decks may work, too. Examine the images closely.)

2.  Burn a purple candle. Place the card where you can see it easily

3.  Meditate on the image, observing how loose the depicted chains truly are

4.  Allow spontaneous thoughts and solutions to enter your mind

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