Banishing spells,

Ajenjible Banishing Spell

Ajenjible is a herb used in latin America for culinary and medicinal purposes include banishing.


1.  Make a strong infusion by pouring boiling water over a ajenjible

2.  Strain out the botanical material and use the liquid as the final laundry rinse water  when washing your targets clothing. allegedly this will stimulate the person to move out of your home.

Balloon Banishing

1.  Write the target of your spells name onto a slip of paper.

2.  Insert this paper into a balloon, either before or after blowing it up, whichever you find simpler. 

3.  Take the balloon to an appropriate place and release it.

Banish Evil Spell

Sometimes it's not clear what or who needs to be banished. There's just a prevailing sense of evil that needs to be expelled. This spell is most effective during the dark moon. An iron hammer is required, as is a flat rock, and either a coffin nail or an old rusty nail.

1.  Hammer the nail against the rock. the goal is not to pierce the rock, merely to score it three times across the face. visualise what you are dispelling while you hammer.

2.  Bury the stone far away.

3.  Carry the nail in a red mojo bag, together with some crossroads and/or graveyard dirt.

Banish Negative Energy

Occasionally what requires banishing is more ambiguous than unwanted guests, mean spirits or vermin: Burn chicory to banish negative emotions from the premises as well as negative energy, regardless of the source. 

Banishing Powders

The art of the enchanted powder reaches its finest point with banishing spells. Various banishing powders exist, of Varying intensity. some are created from common kitchen ingredients, while others are mixed from more exotic components. Experiment and see which formula works most powerfully for you. Remember that powders are intended as a subtle form of magic. there is no need to leave a large suspicious pile; A discrete sprinkling is typically sufficient. Any of the banishing powders below maybe used to make a banishing oil.

Banishing Oil

1.  Grind the ingredients together to create a banishing powder (see below)

2.  Cover this powder with caster oil, shaking vigorously to distribute.

3.  If caster oil is too thick to flow adequately, dilute with jojoba oil.



Banishing Powder (1) Basic Banishing Powder

Black pepper

Cayenne Powder


Sea Salt


Banishing Powder (2) Begone! Banishing Powder

Chopped bay laurel leaves

Black pepper

Cayenne pepper

Powdered hydrangea blossoms

Sea salt

Both formulas above are similar in intensity and may be used in the same manner: 

* Sprinkle the banishing powder on clothes, especially shoes, belonging to anyone you would like to see gone

*  Sprinkle the powder on the ground, so that the target of your spell is forced to step on or over it

*  Banishing powder will enhance the power of any other banishing spell. Sprinkle as a accompaniment, particularly around and over candles


Banishing Powder (3) Exodus Powder


Cayenne pepper


This is a very concentrated banishing powder, and its known as exodus powder because it allegedly stimulates your spells target top recreate the exodus - a sudden departure. 

Grind all ingredients together to form a powder. Sprinkle this on and around your targets front doorstep to make them move. actually sprinkling the powder onto your targets shoes should also achieve the same effect.

Banishing Powder (4) Hot Foot Powder

Black pepper

Cayenne or Habanero pepper



This is the classic Hoodoo version of banishing powder.  Grind the ingredients together to form a powder.

Banishing Powder (5) Restless Tumbleweed

This is among the meaner banishing powders; your target is not only forced to leave, but must wonder restlessly like a tumbleweed.  

1.  If you can capture tumbleweed, preserve and powder it

2.  Add cayenne or Habanero powder and black pepper.

Banishing Powder (6) Sayonara Powder

Grind and powder black pepper, cubed peppers, ground dried ginger, and wasabi powder.

The above banishing powders are made from what are more or less household ingredients, with maybe a little extra investment. although not everyone keeps sulphur powder or powdered hydrangea as a kitchen staple, they are both easy, inexpensive items to purchase from a herbalist or spiritual supply store. The following banishing powder has a more complex set of ingredients: Obtaining them may take greater effort that the previous formulas. It is, however, considered a stronger, more defiant, and perhaps a more malevolent banishing agent.

Ultra Deluxe Banishing Powder

Cayenne pepper

Dragons blood powder

Filé powder (ground sassafras)

gunpowder (saltpeter and sulphur maybe substituted if you cannot get hold of gunpowder)

Habanero powder

Shotgun pellets 

a crushed wasps nest

1.  Mash all the ingredients together in a mortar and pestle 

2.  Grind in a spice or coffee grinder to reduce to a fine powder

3.  Sprinkle to powder on your targets doorstep

Exu's Banishing Powder

1.  Collect seven handfuls of graveyard dirt

2.  Add a package of pemba de exu along with the herb corredeira. Be Careful.. corredeira is potentially toxic. Should true pemda be unavailable, red and / or black chalk maybe substituted

3.  Grind all the ingredients together until a fine powder is created.

4.  Place this powder inside a brown paper bag and take it to a crossroads at midnight.

5.  Appeal to exu. ask him to bless your end prize and to bless your banishing powder. Tell him whatever you need him to know.

6.  Leave him a gift (rum and cigars are traditional) but don't leave the bag of powder. Having been blessed by by Exu you must now manoeuvre it to the home of your target to effect the banishing.

Black Devil Banishing Spell

1.  Hold a black devil candle in both your hands to charge it with your desire.

2.  Dress the candle with banishing oil and burn.

Botanical Banishing Spells

The following botanical's possess a banishing effect.  Incorporate one or (ideally) a combination of them into banishing spells : Angelica, Asafetida, Basil, Bay laurel, Citronella, Cloves, Cumin, Devils bit, Dragons blood, Elder, Flea bane, fumitory, Garlic, Heliotrope, Horehouse, Juniper, Lovage, Mistletoe, Mullein, Mugwort, Oleander, Pepper (both black and hot chilli/cayenne) Yew.

*  Use in any combination to formulate your own banishing spells

*  Living plants grown in quantity around the home discourage uninvited visitors

*  Several of the above plants, like Oleander and Yew, are poisonous.  As a general rule of thumb, those plants with toxic properties are used in banishing spells, to varying degrees.

However, this may not be appropriate for those with children or animals present

Change or Else

This banishing spell targets a troublemaker. Unlike most banishing spells, which simply encourage the person to depart, this one offers another option. The target of the spell can either reform or else leave peacefully.

1.  Add essential oils of patchouli and Vetiver to a blend of olive and caster oils.

2.  Rub this on the doorknobs of your targets home

Coffee Grounds Banishing Spell

The most effective way to perform the following spell is via subterfuge.

Invite the target of your spell over to your home and serve fresh brewed coffee. For maximum effectiveness, offer to read their coffee grounds, turning over their cup. Then when they have left, immediately gather your spell materials.

1.  Gather the dirt from your targets footprints or, alternatively gather the dirt from under a chair in which they were the last person to sit.

2.  Combine this dirt with cayenne pepper, ground sassafras and used coffee grounds. (the most potent coffee grounds are those from the targets own cup.)

3.  Sprinkle this on the targets front door step

Cowslip Banishing Spell

Sprinkle cowslip (wild primrose) blossoms over your threshold to turn away unwanted visitors.  


Foot Track Banishing

1.  Follow the target of your spell discretely, observing their footprints

2.  When you see a clear, distinct left print, dig it up in its entirety

3.  Take it home in a bag, then transfer the dirt to a glass jar or bottle, being careful not to lose or spill any of it

4.  Seal the bottle very tightly shut, adding a wax seal, if you like

5.  Take this to running water flowing away from you

6.  Turning your back on the water throw the container over your left shoulder without looking, taking care not to hit anything you shouldn't

7.  Walk away without looking back once.

Four Thieves Banishing Spell (1)

To avoid debt collectors or others in hot pursuit of you: 

1.  Place their business card inside a shot glass

2.  Fill the glass with Four Thieves vinegar

3.  Leave the glass standing in a discreet place as long as necessary

If a business card does not exist or you cannot obtain one, make one up: Write the targets name on a business card size piece of paper and place this in the shot glass.

Four Thieves Banishing Spell (2)

Rub front and front door knobs in four thieves vinegar, while visualising your spell targets imminent departure.

Four Thieves Banishing Spell (3)

The following spell is used to keep someone away from you, as well as to establish healthy boundaries.

1.  Write your targets name on a piece of brown paper

2.  Soak this paper in Four Thieves Vinegar

3.  fold the paper and bury it in a flower pot, ideally filled with crossroads dirt.

4.  Plant a cactus on top and keep the pot near the front door

Four Thieves Banishing Spell (4)

1.  Write your targets name 9 times on a square of paper

2.  Cover and cross each name with your own, saying "I cross you, I cover you, I command you, I compel you to (fill in your desire)"

3.  Place this paper inside a small glass jar or bottle

4.  Fill the bottle with Four Thieves Vinegar and seal it tightly shut

5.  You must now dispose of this bottle. the traditional mode of disposal is to toss the bottle over your left shoulder into running water without looking ; However, adapt this to your needs and situation.

Four Thieves Banishing Spell (5)

The following spell maybe used as a traditional banishing spell. It allegedly has the added bonus effect of causing the spells target to cease harassing or bothering you.

1. Sprinkle Four Thieves Vinegar over sea salt. (Traditional HooDoo and conjure workers might favour kosher salt instead) 

2.  Blend the Four Thieves Vinegar into the salt, then, once the salt has dried, pour it into a conjure bag and carry until your opportunity arises.

3. When the target of your spell next visits you or is otherwise encountered,  sprinkle the salt secretly in their wake as they depart from you.

Four Thieves Nine Night Banishing Spell

An extra strength banishing spell: 

1.  Each night for nine consecutive night (ideally timed with the waking moon but cast the spell as necessary) write the target of your spells name on brown paper, together with a brief,  explicit message, something like "go home"

2.  sprinkle one of the banishing powders over the paper

3.  add one of the targets hairs, a nail clipping or a thread from their clothing

4.  burn everything; place the ashes in a bottle of Four Thieves Vinegar

5.  Following the 9th night, wrap the bottle tightly in black fabric, securing it with cord

6.  Make 9 knots in the cord reiterating your desire for banishment with each one

7.  throw this bottle into running water or a cemetery and return home via a circuitous route.

Four Thieves Quick Banishing Spell

This is a quick fix version of the four thieves 9 night spell above

1.  add some banishing powder (any one you like) to a bottle of Four Thieves Vinegar

2.  Write the target of your spells name on brown paper and put it inside the bottle , too.

3.  Shake the Bottle, then leave it upside down in the corner of your closest or behind your bed overnight

4.  Wrap[ it in black fabric, securing with cord in which you tie 9 knots, reiterating your wish for banishing with each one

5.  Throw the bottle in a garbage can at a distance from your home and return via a circuitous route.

Garlic Banishing Spell

Hang a braid of 12 garlic heads over the door to banish jealous people and, by extension, the evil eye.

Get lost and far away

Lost and away powder has various uses, in addition to banishment. Its also used to establish personal and psychic boundaries, as well as to prevent someone else from encroaching on those boundaries

1.  Write your targets name 13 times on a square of paper

2.  Sprinkle Lost and Away Powder on this paper

3.  Fold the paper up, always folding away from you

4.  Seal it with sealing wax, preferably red

5.  Bury this paper but mark the spot

6.  Leave it buried for 13 days, Watering daily with War Water 

7.  On the 14th day, dig it up and burn it

Hit the road and dont come back spell

1.  Fill your pockets with salt in anticipation of the persons departure

2.  Accompany the person and he or she departs, walking just a step behind to the edge of your property, discreetly sprinkling salt in their wake

3.  When the person has gone and can no longer see you, take a broom and sweep the salt away, always sweeping away from your home or the area you wish protected from their presence

4.  Simultaneously murmur your targets name, alternatively praying and partitioning that he does not return and commanding and compelling him never to return

Variations on this spell suggest adding black and / or cayenne pepper to the salt

I Banish you with a Gift

1.  Sprinkle any of the banishing powder formulas onto the dirt of a very nice potted plant

2.  Sprinkle some powder under the top layer of the plants dirt, too, so it isnt so obvious

3.  Give this to your target as a present: The goal is to actually get the powder within the targets home, in order to stimulate them to leave

A Magical dis-invitation 

1.  Write the name of your target on a small square of paper, one square per unwanted person

2.  anoint each corner of each square with banishing oil 

3.  Bury this charm on the path to your entrance door, so that everyone who enters is forced unknowingly to step over it

Menstrual Blood Banishing

Your own Menstrual blood rubbed onto door knobs allegedly repels anyone who touches the knobs while harbouring evil intentions toward you.

Nettle Banishing Spell

Burn nettles while focusing on your desires to accomplish the banishing

Onion Banishing Spell

The following spell is ideal for unwanted house guests or lovers who have overstayed their welcome

1.  Choose an onion who's appearance somehow reminds you of the target of your spell. Traditionally round shapes represented women while sharp pointy shapes indicated men but choose what ever resonates for you

2.  Large, fat, tiny, thin, horribly misshapen - whenever you've found your onion, hollow out a hole within it, carefully reserving the piece of onion you have removed

3.  Write your targets name 5 times on a small slip of paper

4. stuff this into the hole in the onion

5. close up the onion by replacing the cut out piece; This may take a little manoeuvring 

6.  the next time the target of your spell leaves your home, discreetly roll the onion in their wake, before anyone else has the opportunity to cross the threshold whether leaving or arriving

7.  Focus your mind exclusively on the persons immanent, permanent departure.

8.  Do not bring the onion back into your home but dispose of it outside, preferably as far away as possible

Out of my house Banishing Spell

The following spell is excellent for ridding your home of an unwanted guest, or perhaps even a family member which needs to depart. the spell presumes you have access to the targets clothing and personal items. Surely you're doing their laundry? the more personal the items are the more effective the spell. 

1.  Construct a small doll using personal items belonging to your spells target

2.  Write the targets name on a slip of paper. Cross over the name by writing an appropriate message, something like "out of my house now"

3.  Pin this to the doll like a name tag

4.  Soak the dolls feet in one of the banishing oils ,(Exodus oil is particularly appropriate; however, use whichever resonates strongest for you)

5.  Wrap the doll in dark fabric, folding away from you. Keep it in a safe place, anointing the feet daily and secretly telling the doll exactly what you'd like to tell the target of your spell

6.  As soon as the banishment has been effected, destroy or dispose of the doll. Do not keep it in your home.

Poke Root Banishing spell

1.  Carve and dress a banishing candle using any of the banishing oils and/or powders

2.  Wrap some of the melted wax around a poke root and a slip of paper bearing the name of the person to be banished

3.  Shape the wax into a ball and throw it into water flowing away from you

Pumpkin Magic Lamp Banishing Spell

This time consuming and labour intensive spell is more suitable for banishing a dangerous, troublesome person from ones vicinity than for banishing house guests who have outstayed their welcome

1.  Burn lost & Away powder, creating lampblack ink as it burns

2.  Use the ink to write a note detailing who must be banished

3.  Make a magic lamp from a hollowed out pumpkin

4.  Place the note face up inside the pumpkin

5.  Cover the note with more banishing powder (any one you choose) , grains of paradise, cayenne pepper, graveyard dust, and soot

6.  Half fill the pumpkin with blended caster and olive oil

7.  Create a wick from cotton and burn this pumpkin outside on seven consecutive Fridays

8.  When the spell is complete, bring the pumpkin to a river or sea and let the water carry it away


Purple Candle Banishing Spell

Burning a purple candle in the following spell indicates your power over the target of your spell.  However, a black devil candle maybe substituted if you prefer

1.  Write the name(s) of those whom you wish to banish on a square of brown paper

2.  Cover the name(s) with your own, effectively crossing the first name out

3.  Chant:    "I cover you, I cross you, I command you, I compel you (name), child of (name) get out of my house now!"

4.  Dress a purple candle with banishing oil

5.  Place the paper on a dish, beneath the purple candle

6.  Burn the candle

Saint Expedite Banishing Spell

1.  Write the target of your spells name and identifying information on a slip of paper

2.  Stick this paper into a balloon, then blow it up and tie it, trapping the name within

3.  Attach this balloon to a statue of Saint Expedite

4. Offer Saint expedite a glass of rum and slice of pound cake and tell him what you need

5.  After you deem sufficient time has elapsed, release the balloon. allegedly the person will depart in the direction that the balloon travels

Seven Knob Banishing Spell

Seven Knob candles are used to obtain wishes. Perhaps your wish is to be left alone

1.  Beginning with the bottom knob, carve the name of your spells target into each knob of a black seven knob candle

2.  Blend banishing oil with Tabasco sauce and ground black pepper. (Tabasco is specifically desirable because it is a simple product with no sugar or other sweeteners, which metaphysically possess a summoning effect, the very opposite of banishing. Check the ingredients of other brands: Anything with sugar may neutralise the banishing.)

3.  Use this enhanced banishing oil to dress the seven knob candle, being very careful not to get any of the oil into your eyes or other sensitive areas. (wash your hands well immediately after handling the handle.)

4.  Beginning at the full moon, burn one knob a night. Visualise the person already gone, while chanting something like "Get out"

Simple cotton Ball Banishing Spell


Soak a cotton ball in Banishing Oil.  Then slip it into your targets pocket

Spare Clothing Banishing Spell

1.  To encourage someones imminent departure from your area, obtain a article of clothing belonging to that person. although any article could be used, an unwashed sock, glove or piece of underwear is best

2.  Cut a strip of fabric from the clothing and stuff it into a glass bottle

3.  Write the persons name, together with the name of an extremely distant, remote location on a piece of paper.  Draw a circle around the names

4.  Stick this paper into the bottle, too, along with salt, sulphur and red chilli pepper,  or any of the banishing powder formulas 

5.  Seal the bottle tightly shut and allow it to rest in a quiet, dark place for 9 days

6.  On the 10th day, take this bottle to a stream or some running water flowing away from you and toss it in. Allegedly you will see results within 9 days

These Feet Were Meant for Moving Banishing Spell

Drizzle banishing oil over your targets shoes. Alternatively , massaging the oil into their feet, if you can somehow manage this, can also produce desired effects

Unwanted Guests Banishing Spell

Sprinkle tormentil under the bed to encourage unwanted guests to move on

Unwanted Guests Banishing spell Extra Strength

Sprinkling tormentil under the bed is effective but subtle. If you have reached the point of desperation, sprinkle tormentil over unwanted guests sheets. This is a more powerful, more direct approach but be prepared for questions.

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