Anti Bewitchment Spell

1.  Create an infusion by pouring boiling water over mugwort and allowing it to steep.

2.  Detailed instructions for making infusions are found in the main spells menu and HERE

However be sure to create a significant quantity to bathe cows.

3.  Strain out the botanical materials and wash the cows with the infusion to break any spells cast upon them. 

Bewitched Milk Spell (1)

1.  Put a sieve over a pot.

2.  Fill it with holy water or pure spring water

3.  Bring it to a boil, stirring constantly with a charged and blessed willow twig.

4.  As the water boils, the spell should break.

Bewitched Milk Spell (2)

1.  Place a horse shoe together with some of the animals hair in a pot.

2.  cover with some of the animals milk and bring to a boil. (if there is not sufficient milk, mix with milk from other sources)

3.  Allow this to boil, Then dispose of it outside of your property.

Bovine Anti-Bewitchment Spell

If you suspect your cow has been bewitched

1.  Build a fire

2.  Take a little hair from the back of the cow and throw this into the fire

3.  Put a little more of the cows hair into a pot of the cows own milk and boil this over the fire.

Cow Flower Protection Spell

1.  Following the church service on good Friday,  collect some of the flowers after the ceremony.

2.   Burn the flowers, together with 7 teaspoons of flour and 3 teaspoons of salt.

3.  Gather up the ashes and sew them into a sachet. Reserve until needed.

4.  Should a cow fall ill from natural or suspicious causes, Break the sachet open and rub the ashes over the cows belly 3 times, always in the same direction.

5.  Alternatively, place the unbroken sachet on the ground. Lead the cow over it 3 times, always walking in the same direction.

Heather Torch

Carry a Flaming torch of heather around cattle to stimulate their fertility.

Keep the Cows Coming Home Spell

This spell, allegedly encourages cows to come home and not wonder. Feed the cows out of the pots used to prepare your own dinner, they'll come home.

Milk Production Spells

*Hang Asafetida in the barn to assure the quality and quantity of milk.

*Bathing animals with a water infusion of mugwort allegedly stimulates them to produce more milk

*Chalcedony and turquoise are used to advance human mothers milk: use these stones to decorate an animal to see whether it works for it, too.

Pow-Wow Cow Botanical Protection Spell

Pow-Wow recommends honeysuckle, rowan and witch hazel as prescriptions for protecting cattle. these botanicals maybe used individually or in combination.  

*Fasten them above the barn doors

*Decorate the barn with them

*Decorate the cows with them

Rowan Hoop Spell

Rowan is ranked among the most magical of plants.  It offers protection from malevolent magic as well as enhancing the users own psychic, Clairvoyant powers.

1.  Craft hoops from Rowan branches

2.  Drive cattle through them to receive rowans blessings of protection


1. Write the following on a piece of paper

S     A     T     O     R

A     R     E     P     O

T      E     N    E     T

O      P     E     R     A

R      O      T      A     S

2.  Grind it up and add it to the cattle feed. Have the cows eat the words

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