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Childs dog hair medicine bag

1. Fill a medicine bag with loose dog hair

2.  Add any other lucky charm, as desired

3.  Give to a child to wear or carry for protection

Greyhound Spirit Protection

A home where a well cared for, happy greyhound lives will allegedly never be haunted by malicious spirits. 

Pacify Threatening Dogs Spell (christian pow-wow)

Pow-wow strongly incorporates the use of spoken charms.  This one is used to soothe a threatening dog and provide protection---------- Essential for those forced to walk past a snarling, snapping canine. 

The charm must be repeated three times before you reach the dog (or the dog reaches you!)

Dog, hold thy nose to the ground!

God has made thee, me and hound.

In the name of the father, the son and the holy ghost.

Then form the sign of the cross three times.

This spell as recorded in 1820 by john george hohman in his definitive book of pow-wow's: The long lost friend, omits the last line of the charm, but includes the crosses.

Pacify Threatening dogs Spell (Pagan friendly version)

Historically, There has always been two movements within the pow-wow community: those who emphasise christian orientation and those who do not.  Rhymes were adapted as needed and continue to evolve.  This pagan friendly version calls upon those Greek divinities that exert great influence over hounds: 


Dog, hold your nose to the ground!

Creator made you, me and hound

In the name of the triple goddess Selene, Artemis  and Hecate

Repeat three times. the cross, as a pre christian symbol of protection, may still be formed. A pentacle crescent moon, downward facing triangle or other shape may also be substituted, as desired.

Rhodium Oil Spell to Lure Dogs away

This perfume oil allegedly attracts dogs and was once used by thieves in order to lure dogs away.  Play with the proportions until you achieve an effective fragrance. 

It may work on other animals, too. Experiment and see.

Rhodium oil consists of: 

*Essential oil of cedarwood

*Essential oil of rose geranium

*Essential oil of palmarosa

*Essential oil of sandalwood

Blend with a carrier oil, Search as jojoba oil.

Rhodium oil may be used in various ways:

*Wear it as a purfume

*Use the oil to mark a trail

Stop dogs Barking Spell

Place leave of hounds tongue in your shoes, beneath your feet.  Alternatively, carry within a charm bag.

Sweet Nature Dog Collar

Sew a piece of flint and a piece of coral inside a dogs collar to protect against illness and ill temper.

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