Lioness, Fierce Creatures Spells,

Not all spells involve domestic creatures. Many spells evolve around protecting humans from fierce, potentially dangerous animals.

In general,  carrying or wearing the image of the creature provides a sort of passport of safety,  magically speaking, both fear and affection indicate some sort of alliance.  Wear charms or jewellery in the shape of the creature you fear: a snake ring, for instance, or crocodile ear rings. Tattoos, temporary and permanent, also provide a measure of protection.


Avens, the blessed herb, is also known as herb bennet, a distortion of "benedictus" . The presence of Avens allegedly protects against all venomous creatures.

* Wear fresh Avens for safety

* Carry the dried herb in a medicine bag


In the middle ages, it was believed that if  holly wood (the wood not the leaves) was thrown at wild animals, they would then lie down quietly and passively. Should you find yourself alone with aggravated fierce creatures, this is probably worth a shot.

1. Be prepared.. Charge the wood with its mission before setting forth into the wild.

2. Carry the wood in your charm bag: In an emergency, toss!


Carrying a sprig of juniper allegedly protects against attack by fierce animals. 


Mullein allegedly transmits the magical message to wild creatures, not to molest its bearer while passing through their territory. Carry or wear it for protection.



Carry iron pyrites as a protective charm against crocodiles 


The Egyptian book of the dead suggests carrying the plant sweet inula to ward off crocodiles, both living ones and those who haunt the spirit realm.

* Wear it in a charm bag to protect against actual visitation

* sleep with the herb in a dream pillow or beneath your pillow if unfriendly crocodiles are infesting your dreams


Place a piece of gold pyrite into a drawstring bag together with alligator teeth and/or an image of a crocodile.


Crocodile shed their teeth, continually growing new ones. Naturally shed teeth have a prophylactic effect: String them and wear on necklaces and anklets to prevent attack.

Alternatively , carry the teeth in a medicine bag.


Crocodiles, Like snakes, are simultaneously fearsome , dangerous creatures and potent symbols of spiritual and psychic protection. Pregnant isis, after all, hid in the crocodile infested swamps of the nile delta. It was the safest spot she knew. In ancient days, the papyrus plant, which once lined the nile, was a hieroglyphic emblem for lower Egypt , especially that nile delta swamp land. It also served as a protective emblem from crocodiles, lending new meaning to moses' cradle on the nile, formed from papyrus.

*  Draw the hieroglyph on parchment and carry it as a talisman 

Papyrus Hieroglyph

* For intensive protection, draw the hieroglyph onto the body with henna or if the danger is constant, consider a tattoo.

* Carry a photograph of living papyrus plants as a talisman or post it in a prominent location

* The beta Israel, the jews of Ethiopia are renowned for their beautiful pottery. A traditional motif is a tiny, lidded basket that opens to reveal a happy baby moses. Carry one as a talisman/


Talismans that protect against shark attacks include.. 

* Coral

* Pearls

* Found, naturally shed shark teeth

Carry or wear as suits you best, however the traditional method is to attach the talisman to a cord and wear around the ankles. Remember to charge magical objects prior to their initial use.


Although no animal is more associated with magic than snakes, in general, magic spells for snakes involve methods of repelling them and warding them off. On the other hand, perhaps you would like to beckon snakes closer, at least in ritual. Snakes are among people primary magical teachers and are invoked in spells for childbirth , fertility, healing, protection and financial well being.

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