The scent of lavender allegedly invokes the spiritual presence of serpents and the legendary serpent spirits.

1. P{lace and image on an alter, either of a snake or of an affiliated deity- the minoan serpent goddess for instance 

2. Surround this with fresh lavender or warm the essential oil in an aroma burner 

3. Call the spirit. Be prepared to explain why you have issued the invitation.

Do this spell before bedtime, to receive a visitation in your dreams.


The snake is the totem animal of the prophets, it's no accident that the staffs of Asklepios, Hermes, and Moses were embellished with a snakes.  Over the centuries, magical divining women, from Minoan snake goddess to Marie Laveau, have dances with serpents. There is even a tradition divination system that interprets the movement of snakes.  Because snakes are the respiratory of Earths wisdom,  there are many reasons why one would wish to communicate with them. That said, it may be easier for most  people, for a variety of reasons, to access that knowledge through visions rather than actual contact.

1. Burn yarrow and allow the smoke to permeate the area

2. Yarrow smoke allegedly stimulates visions of snakes; have your question goals ready.



Alkanet, also known as bugloss, is most famous as the source for a natural dye.  However, among its magic powers, Alkanet not only allegedly protects against snakebite but also helps counter and control fears of snakes.


Allegedly snakes will not cross over a boundary formed from mingled ash leaves and twigs. if one lives in snake-infested territory , cast your circle and find out.


"Contraveneno" is a large bl;ack bean, marked on one side with a cross. A staple of Latin American Magic, apparently there is no English nick name for Fevellea cordifolia. The bean is poisonous, but is used as a magical weapon to prevent snakebite and attack from other venomous creatures. Carry it in a charm bag around your neck; do not consume it.


Elder magically guards against snakes and all manner of fierce creatures, including  (allegedly) mosquitoes. Carry elder twigs in your pocket or conjure bag to prevent attack.


According to legend, the magical botanical vervain sprang from Isis' tears. Because vervain shares in Isis' essence it's believed to protect against the various fierce creatures under her influence.

1. gently simmer vervain in wine

2. strain and let the herb dry out

3. carry this dried herb in a charm bag to protect against snakes, scorpions and crocodiles.


This spell refers to the common garden herb, not the member of the banana family.

Charge plantain with its mission of protection. carry it in your pocket to guard against snakebite.


Carry a piece of root from  a raspberry vine to magically protect against snakebite.


Fossilised  shark's teeth were once believed to be snake's tongues. They're still believed to have magical affinity for snakes. soak a shark's tooth in wine, and then drink the wine to assist in healing snakebite.


Burning tamarisk branches allegedly wards off snakes.


Wild dagga, an African plant, allegedly repels snakes. Maintain living plants in snake-prone areas and burn the dried leaves as needed.


Spirits that protect scorpions and protect against scorpions include Isis and Selket. If you are afraid for the creatures or because of the creatures, set up and offering table. Place an image representing the creature on the table as well as representations of the deity with appropriate offerings. Burn candles and incense as long as you feel is necessary

Selket (also known as Serket) has particularly strong associations with scorpions. One of the four Egyptian canopic guardian deities, alongside Isis and her sister Nephthys, Selket, a spirit of magic, wears a scorpion crown. she punishes via scorpion stings but she also protects people from her sacred creatures and heals injuries received from them.

1. Create an alter with an image of Selket and/or and image of a scorpion.

2. burn kyphi for Selket, and explain what you need. 


In china, India and elsewhere in Asia, the tiger is profoundly connected with magic power. In many traditional belief systems, the tiger is the creature that embodies the concept of magic power and also possesses the strength and daring necessary to properly implement that power. Tigers provide practitioners with protection and teach magic skill, but obviously this is most often accomplished through magic visualisation

Amber's Chinese name translates as 'tiger soul' . It was believed that when tigers died, their souls became amber. Amber offers the easiest, most accessible method of contacting  tiger guardian spirits.


1. Hold a piece of amber in your left hand, close your eyes and allow your visualisation to begin.

2. Do not let go of the amber until the visualisation is complete and you have safely returned to your starting point.


Whatever their origins, animals now classified as "fantasy creatures" are almost invariably depicted as savage and scary monsters, like the basilisk. The unicorn is the exeption. Once understood as fierce, unruly symbols of male primal power, unicorns have been tamed into sedate, docile, often asexual creatures, too pure, gentle and beautiful to exist. ~In fact, medieval unicorn legends focus on the capture and murder of unicorns.

Among a unicorn's magical powers is the ability to eliminate and antidote all poisons. Allegedly dipping the unicorn's horn, the alicorn, into any food or liquid automatically removes any trace of  poison.  That legend has wrecked devastation narwhals and rhinoceroses over the centuries; at a time when few were aware of fauna outside their immediate area, it was easy to pass off another species horn as a alicorn. Of course, they didn't work but then, of course, they weren't real unicorn horns. Unicorns allegedly shed their alicorns annually like deer antlers.


1. If the unicorn doesn't actually shed its alicorn directly into your hand, it's a safe bet a horn is not genuine alicorn. If you have reason to be fearful of poisioning , burn a white, black or red unicorn-shaped candle.

2. Try to transmit your petition of protection to presiding unicorn spirits

3. Consecrate a unicorn charm by laying it beside the candle while it burns, and wear it afterwards.

4. Should the charm work for you, cleanse re-consecrate and offer thanks to the unicorn.

Sometimes you need protection from fierce creatures, but other times you'd like them to provide you with protection.


1. Post the most terrifying images of the most dangerous animals you can envision in areas you perceive as physically or spiritually vulnerable

2. The goal is not to invoke fear but for the images to serve as symbolic protectors

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