May 17, 2018

Hear Paranormal Dinner Bell ?


I do not know what this is, It is definitely loud and in the same room as I am in, it sounds like someone ringing a dinner bell, a small bell one can associate with someone using one at their bedside. it is loud, no it is not a cats bell (completely different sound.. plus we do not own a cat)

it is not a wind chime (again, completely different sound) .

it is a hand bell and no mistake, it is loud and inside the same room as I am in, and we hear it periodically in our home, always in the one same room, and have done for 7 years.

it rings maybe once or twice a year, it does not discriminate a time of day, we have heard it in the mornings, afternoons & evenings. No idea what it is, any ideas?

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