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Colchester, Essex UK

I used to live in a very active house, One of my stories from here happened during the day.
I was getting myself ready to leave the house, I desperately  needed to get to my son's nursery and we were running late.
I moved to collect my front door key from where I kept it and it was not there, I couldn't find it anywhere in the hall, so I chose to leave via our back door instead. taking the back door key with me instead.
when I returned home I practically turned the place upside down looking for my key, eventually giving up.
I realised from now on, until i can afford to change the lock, I cannot use the front door when I needed to leave the house empty, coming and going by the back door.
which was not convenient to say the least.
way back then, I was not well off, being a single mother of 2 young ones, so affording another lock was a little out of my reach, and would be for a few weeks at least.
So I settled into my new routine.
One evening (early at around 4-5pm) I was giving my kitchen a thorough clean,I was alone in the house, I had one of those old tape recorder/players which had ridges in the plastic at the top (its design) which used to fill with muck over time.
as it was kept in the kitchen it was a little tough to clean.
Visitors came over to my house before I had finished, they patiently waited in my lounge while I (now) impatiently finished cleaning the cassette recorder and the kitchen counter top,
They did not enter the kitchen, they headed straight for the lounge on their arrival, and there they stayed.
The kettle was on the same counter top I was cleaning, so i made everyone their hot drinks (4 people including myself), and took the first two cups into the lounge.
When I went back into my kitchen I and had quite the fright! my key, was resting on the top of my cassette recorder,
right in the centre on the top. The machine was still slightly damp where I had been cleaning and it was not there before!

I will send more stories to you about my time at this house, so many unexplained happenings there.

by Topaz

Witham UK

One night when we were going to bed, i was locking up.. my missus was already upstairs and i was just shutting the kitchen door.. then a voice blew / whispered in my ear and i legged it up the stairs.

by Gary

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