Charms and spells for horses may also be used for donkeys and mules.

Evil eye spells

From a magical perspective,  the horse is the king of beasts. It universally considered

exceptionally powerful magically. 

Merely being in the presence of a healthy horse regularly enhances your own personal psychic powers, as well as general vitality and libido.

Horses, however, perhaps because of their great power, are also considered particularly vulnerable to the evil eye as well as attention from malevolent spirits.

Horses provide people with amulets: A horse shoe is not activated until it has actually been on a horses foot. However, no animal is considered more in need of its own protective amulet than horses. Decorative horse  brasses are now considered objects for collectors; However their original intent is to provide protection for a horse and they may still be used as amulets.   Other amulets for horses include...

*Peacock feathers

*Blue eye beads

*Holed stones

*Most protective amulets, even though designed for people, will work for horse in a pinch, particularly the Italian corno and cimaruta.

Remember to magically empower amulets and charms by charging and/or consecrating them before their initial use.


Attach amulets to the horses mane, tail or where appropriate on the horses tack, saddle, harness or otherwise.



1. Place a pinch of rue and a pinch or wormwood into a small red charm bag.

2. attach it to the foals main.


Beyond good grooming, braiding the horses mane and tail daily serves as a protective, blessing spell. consider the principles of knot magic and apply. The following suggestions may be combined as desired.

* Plait the mane and tail into 13 braids each adding straw to the braids.

* Entwine red ribbons into the horses mane and tail

* Braid small bells into the mane or tail

* attach a piece of rowan wood to the mane or tail

* Place of lump of asafetida into a charm bag and attach to the horse


Its crucial that stools and stables be kept immaculately clean.. A traditional method of hexing is to throw coffin nails into the stable as this allegedly causes horses to become lame.

Remove any strange nails or other articles promptly to maintain safety and reverse any malevolent spells that have been cast.


For this spell to work, the horses must be in an open barn, not restricted to locked stools.

1. Stand outside the stable or barn, with your back to the closed door

2. Kick the door three times with your left foot, while chanting.. if my true love's on the way saddle my horse! 

If  a horse comes running to the door, this is a very good sign. If several horse approach, this is an even more auspicious sign. If the horses ignore you, its time for stronger love spells.


This spell is intended to relieve horses nightmares

1. Pour boiling water over anise seeds, fresh garlic and licorice root (not the candy) making an infusion

2. allow this to cool, then strain and feed it to the horse

3. if the horse won't be induced to drink it, add the infusion to its food or use it to bathe the horse


Some talismans serve both horse and rider

* Agate protects the rider from falling and the horse from stumbling

* Turquoise offers general protection to the horse and rider


Holed stones are known as hag stone or witch stones, but also as mare stones. Various spirits (including the dreaded mara, who's name inspires nightmare) allegedly takes pleasure in riding horses at night beyond their capacity. The horse is discovered the following morning exhausted, glistening with sweat, frothing at the mouth. Holed stones stop these spirits riding horses.

* String a holed stone, a mare stone, onto cord and wrap it around the horses neck

* Braid holed stones into the horses mane

* Do both; More spiritual protection is more preferable to less


To protect both horse and rider, carry or wear an amethyst engraved with an image of a winged horse akin to pegasus 


For long journeys place a handful of smartweed under the horses saddle to enable it to travel extensively without suffering hunger or thirst. This tradition allegedly dates back to the scythians.

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