Crossroads Lost Animal Spell

A Russian method for calling lost animals home involves journeying to a crossroads, where, magically speaking at least, roads merge and separate and you never know who or what might turn up from any direction at any time.


  1.  Go to a crossroads.

  2.  Face west, the direction of the setting sun.

  3. Bow from the waist 9 times.

  4.  Do this 3 times, for a total of 27 bows,calling the animal as you normally would, and also chant prayers and petitions and recite sacred texts.

  5.  Don't stop calling and/or petitioning until 3 series of 9 bows each are complete, then take 10 steps backwards without turning around.

  6.  Turn around and go home.

Magical Sign Animal Spell  (1)

Write messages on three pieces of birch bark (one for each of the nature tsars) as follows:

I'm writing to the forest tsar and the forest tsarina and their small children.

I'm writing to the earth tsar and the earth tsarina and their small children.

I'm writing to the water tsar and the water tsarina and their small children.

I'm writing to inform you that [insert your name] has lost a [insert colour, gender, description] [insert type of animal including as much descriptive material as you feel is necessary to identify and distinguish your animal from others].

if you have him/her please send him/her back without delaying one day, one hour, one minute, one second.

if you don't comply with my wish, I swear to pray and testify against you.

if you comply with my wish, I shall give you

[insert specific pledge].

Fasten one message to a tree in the forest. bury the second in earth. Attach a small stone to the third and throw it into some living water.

the animal is expected to find its way home shortly.

Magical Sign Animal Spell (2)

  1.  Appropriately shaped milagros (images) maybe used to locate lost animals.  Create one yourself if you can't find an appropriate milagro. Artistic ability is not required: Just cut out the basic outline of the body.

  2. Hold the Milagro in your hand, while concentrating on your desired goal.

 give the milagro to the spirit of your choice as a signal that you need help recovering your familiar.

If you prefer, post the milagro the way you would post a "missing pet" sign.

Post it where the animal was last seen or wherever you feel is most appropriate.

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