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Bees, Spiders and ants oh my!!

How does one become interested in the world of creepy crawlies in Lucite?

We were shopping for an unusual gift for a friend, and spotted a spider in a keyring! after making a joke out of the find, we bought one and was instantly impressed with the quality.

So we began the road of discovering wholesale outlets who deal with these little beasties.... but in a animal friendly way.

We love all animals, even creepy crawlies. So the thought of buying stock which insects needed to suffer did not sit right with us (not one bit)

But hurrah! we found a fantastic wholesaler in a land far away from us in the Uk (actually we found a few, but chose this one company due to their blunt honesty) who pride themselves on selling only insects which die naturally.

During our initial investigation, we discovered this wholesaler actually sold all sorts of insects, some of which will be making their way to our shelves in due course.

Our products do contain real insect specimens encased in a proprietary developed Lucite material block. The Lucite block is crystal clear allowing you to clearly view the specimen inside. It is also practically unbreakable. The insect you will get is real and one of a kind. No two are exactly the same.

The insect specimens come from special farms that have been created to preserve domestic and tropical forest species, and their different habitats. These insects, that die naturally, are collected daily and then set in the Lucite blocks.

We now find the little beasties quite comforting, after all, they would have died and be long forgotten in this world if it was not for the human beings imagination and curiosity into the world of preservation in transparent substances.

Ideal for schools and other teaching institutions, these give the common every day person and ability to view close up these otherwise hidden creatures of our planet.

Earth is fabulous

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