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This lunch is so fabulously divine, I simply had to share it with you.

As long as your work place has a grill or microwave, you can make one of these awesome treats.

If, like us, your every day is all work and very little lunch break (or you combine the two, on far to many days) then this is the meal for you.

Firstly, grab your bread, This can be any you wish, a Roll/bap, Baguette or slices, the choice is yours, for this recipe today we have used slices, (but last time it was a portion of french stick.)

We used mature cheddar for ours, but you can literally use what ever cheese is your all time favourite, 

Layer your bread with a layer of cheese, then half of an oxo cube (any flavour version you wish) for todays lunch we used beef, but veggie and chicken taste just as lush. 

As you are creating your masterpiece, please do not think 'half? thats so much!' because once this is heated and eaten, it does not taste strong at all, any less and they taste will be scarce.

So.... Half a Oxo cube sprinkled over the cheese, then a shake of Paprika. 

People often assume paprika is spicy, (maybe due to its peppery name) but it is not, Either paprika or smoked paprika taste great, so choose your favourite (we use smoked a lot... admittedly giving our panini a bbq type of taste)

Next, sprinkle over some mixed Herbs (we like mixed.. you get a slightly different taste every time) but if you do not like mixed herbs, sprinkle over some parsley, it goes very well and has a nice mild taste.

Lastly add a shake of black pepper on top. This may sound like the cherry too many, but i assure you, this sarnie is flavourful but not overpowering (unless you like it overpowering, then double up the ingredients per panini)

Our messy effort so far

Now its time to wrap your creation in baking paper.

We lowered the lid (with an extra push) and timed them 3 minutes. You can also use a microwave, a couple of minutes should do it, but you will have melted cheese without the bread toasting.

then unwrap and enjoy!! A quick , easy and flavourful meal in your working day :) (or any day)

Melty yumminess

Ingredients grab list

  • your bread choice

  • Cheese

  • Oxo

  • Paprika

  • Mixed Herbs

  • pepper

Method... as aboveThanks for reading,  if you have tried this for yourself. or maybe a recipe tweek? Will be great to hear from you in the comment section below.


From the Shadezofblack.com team

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