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Paranormal TV Shows

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

Oh there are some fab, wonderful, great, awe inspiring paranormal TV viewing out there...

and also there isn't.

You know the one's, where you turn all the lights off, place the dog by your feet for company (and support) hold onto the remote so tight your knuckles are white... you press play and............... the program sucks, where the bleep are the ghosts! I hardly call one orb in an entire hour good ghost hunting.

Below are a couple of our favourite paranormal TV loves... please feel free to comment below, We would love to hear about your best show (and your worst)

It will give us something more to watch ;)

ok.. 1st on the list

Ghost Asylum

We simply love this program, we have watched all the seasons three times already and I don't see this to be the last. Not one single squeal in sight, just real bad-ass men , investigating some really freaky stuff. These guys are great, a team of men only (sorry girls.. I'm a girl and I like there are no girls in this.. apart from in season 3 episode 1.. we skip this when we re-watch.. for own reasons). These guys are thorough, funny, watchable and to be honest, freaking brave.

The Team itself is called Tennessee Wraith Chasers

The Team members :

  • Chris Smith - TWC Founder.

  • Steven "Doogie" McDougal - TWC Co-Founder.

  • Scott Porter - TWC Historian.

  • Brannon Smith - TWC Inventor.

  • Chasey Ray McKnight - TWC Engineer.

  • Meet them here

these guys get a 10/10 from us at www.Shadezofblack.com

have a 12 minute watch of them below.... then read the rest of our blog ;)

Ghost Stalkers

Why oh why oh why are there no more episodes of these people!!

The team is two people, just the two and oh my gosh!! they are the bravest met I have met.. period. (by met.. i mean watched on tv )

These guys recorded some serious creepy stuff, literally bone chilling footage.

if you have not watched them, please do, they really are worth your time.

It is surprising to learn that Nick Groff from Ghost Adventures (not very good ghost program in our opinion.. too much drama, not enough realism) actually left Ghost Adventures for Ghost Stalkers... Read the article here . However, after one season, then it all vanished.. well like a ghost! which is an absolute shame. This program is seriously good.

The investigators themselves are John Tenney and Chad Lindberg . and they do an amazing job.

They each spend the night isolated in some of the most haunted location. While one member of the team is in the site documenting footage the other will monitor the exterior cameras of the haunted facility and the emergency signal from an RV parked nearby. Once they both explore the haunted location they will compare their experiences and footage and see what they discover.

Snippet Below

Mountain Monsters

We like Mountain Monsters, Its funny... sometimes very funny.

Their intention is to roam the back and beyond to search for creatures of myth and legend.

the later seasons are a bit.. ummm.. well... interesting,

fun to watch but way off their original program synopsis.

We still enjoy watching so don't ever stop trapper!!


and it wont take you many episodes to be hooked into their world and eager for more Aim's input.

The team are:

Trapper (founder)

Jeff (Co-Founder and Researcher)

Willy (Co-founder and Expert trap builder)

Buck (Caller)

Huckleberry (Head of Security)

Wild Bill (Expert Tracker)

Their Official Website is Here

Below is the shows opening from season 1

Alaska Monsters

You guessed it, it is exactly the same as Mountain monsters but with a different team in Alaska, and it is just as good.

This show is far newer so only has 2 seasons under its belt, crossing fingers for more however.

The teams cast actually changed a lot from season one to season two.

Haunted Collector

I really enjoy watching this. I really am glued to my tv until the credits.

These guys are a Ghost buster family team Investigating peoples haunted homes and locations to discover what 'objects' are haunted rather than the location.

And it really is quite brilliant.

The first time I watched it , it was on daytime TV (I am in the UK) and I put it on in the background as I went about my day. It was not long before I was standing in the room just watching, then sitting watching, and Ive been hooked since.

They uncover some pretty spooky stuff, they have filmed experiences and great story telling to keep you really interested until the credits go up (and beyond)

I could not find a decent clip on youtube.. they are all full episodes (good place to go to catch up it seems.. don't forget the popcorn)

so here is a trailer for it :)

And these are the 5 that give us warm tingles.

There are a lot more out there which are great, we are yet to discover.

and we simply cannot wait!

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