Animal Candle Protection Spell

  1.  Find or create a candle shaped to resemble your companion animal.

  2.  Carve the animals identifying information, protective runes or other symbols onto it.

 3. anoint the candle with the protection oil and burn.  

if the candle is too cute to burn , get two. Maintain one permanently, while burning the second. 

Animal Image Protection Spell

Use an actual photograph of your pet or if unavailable, choose something, another image, statue, or candle bearing a strong resemblance for this spell.

1.  Paint protective runes, hieroglyphs or other symbols onto the image.

2.  anoint with protection oil .

3.  Keep the image in a safe, discreet spot , touching up periodically with protection oil.

As an alternative, you could trace invisible runes, sigils or protective hieroglyphs onto the image with protection oil.

Assorted Spells to Protect Domestic Animals Malevolent Magic

  • Build your barn near birch tree's

  • If the barn is already standing, transplant Birch tree's nearby

  • Adorn the birch tree's, or other nearby tree's, with red and white ribbons

  • Surround the barn with lilies and primroses. (maintain them, replacing as needed)

  • Bury a hatchet, sharp side up, under the barns threshold, so that the animals must walk over it as they enter and depart

  • Horse shoes protect animals as well as humans. Post them over the barn door. the Hungarian method is to draw a horseshoe over the barn door using black chalk

  • Keep a piece of real silver in a dish or bucket of water, out of reach of the animals. this may be a small charm or a real silver coin. Once a week, sprinkle the animals with this water, then replace with fresh water

  • Sprinkle the animal's with rose of jericho water once a week

Animal Conjure Bag Protection Spell

Create this charm for any companion animal that sheds teeth

1.  Collect the animals baby teeth and place within the conjure bag.

2. Add a coin minted in the animals birth year if known, otherwise substitute a lucky medal or charm plus a tag with the animals name or initials scratched into the metal.

3.  Keep the bag in a safe place for protection.

Charcoal Charm Bag

1.  Place Charcoal in a little pouch.

2  Attach to your pets collar.

Egg Cleansing Spell

1.  Rub the animal with a whole, raw egg in its shell, working from head to tail and down, rather than up, the legs.

2.  Flush the egg down the toilet for a house pet; otherwise, dispose of the egg outside the home or barn.

Hair and Wax Protection Spell

1. Collect one hair from the head and one from the tail of every animal you wish protected (substitute one feather each from head and tail for each bird.)

2.  Melt wax.

3. Add the hairs to the wax.

4.  Remove the wax from the heat source, and allow it to harden.

5.  if possible, now lead all the animals needing protection around the perimeter of their home, in a sunwise direction. a minimum of two people is required for this: the person leading the parade holds the block of wax in one hand and a sacred image in the other. The person bringing up the rear drags an axe on the ground behind.

6.  when all animals have safely returned home, bury the wax in a safe, secret place.

Beltane Bonfire Spell

1.  Build a pair of substantial fires.

2.  Drive domestic animals between the fires for health, fertility and for maximum production and protection. Although this practice benefits all creatures, it is particularly beneficial for cattle. Its beneficial for people too: Make sure you accompany those cows!

May Day Cattle Spell

Place a crystal ball in a tub of water on may day.  Sprinkle the water on your cows to protect them from bewitchment and elf-shot .

Midsummer's Protection Spell

1.  Light a branch (ideally hazel or rowan wood) in the midsummer bonfire.

2.  Pass it over the backs of horses and cows as well as beneath them.

Midsummer's Salt Water Spell

Take the animals to the ocean and bathe them in the waves. If this is impossible, asperge with salted water or other magical formula water.

St Georges Blessing Spell (1)

1. Lead all healthy animals three times around the perimeter of their field, barn or home, always in a sunwise direction.

2.  The person leading the parade carries a lit torch,  while the person bringing up the rear hold an open padlock in one hand, the key in the other hand.

3. After the third round, the animals are lead back into the barn.

4.  Turn the key in the lock.

5.  Throw the key in a river or stream, while preserving the now permanently locked padlock.

St Georges Blessing spell (2)

1.  Preserve a palm blessed on palm sunday. (pagans: substitute a sacred , protective plant, such as wormwood or rosemary.)

2.  Place this before a sacred image, together with two whole raw eggs and a pot filled with raw barley.

3.  Light candles before the image. (some version of this spell specify a church candle.)

4.  Use the flame from a candle to light a torch.

5.  Group all of the animals to be protected ina  circle.

6.  One person circles around the animals carrying the torch while a second person sprinkles holy water or another protective water formula onto the animals, using the palm frond or rosemary or wormwood plant.

7.  The animals are then driven to pasture bu slapping them with the palm frond or plant.

8.  Throw the  palm frond or branch into running water.

9.  Sew the barley in the ground.

10.  break the eggs on the ground, away from your property.

Magic Incense  Protection Spell

Burn elecampane roots, mugwort and st Johns wart to calm animals and protect them.

Milagro*  are votive images typically cut from metal, although wood and gemstone milagro do exist.

Milagro Animal Spell (1)

1.  Charge a milagro with your desire of protection or healing

2.  attach it to the animal as appropriate on the collar or otherwise.

Milagro Animal Spell (2)

1.  charge the milagro with your desire.

2.  Carve and dress a candle, charging it with your desires and goals.

3.  stick the milagro onto (or into) the wax candle before burning it.

Milagro Animal Spell (3)

Create a healing or protective board:

1.  Mount the milagro on the fabric covered cardboard together with other appropriate images and written affirmations. It incorporate sacred texts as desired.

2.  Post this board on the wall or use it as the focal point of a candle burning altar 

Mugwart Protection Spell

Hang bunches of mugwort on gates and field boundaries to protect the animals within from malevolent magic and spiritual danger. 

Protection Altar Spell

1.  Make an image of your pet the focal item of  the altar.

2. If you are requesting assistance from a specific spirit, surround your image with items (candles, images, incense, offerings) that will call that spirit.

3.  If you are unsure whom to ask for protection, request it from the animals guardian spirits: place four white candles in the corners of the altar, with the animals image in the centre. Burn them with frankincense incense.




Red Clover Protective Bath Spell

1.  Create and infusion by pouring boiling water over red clover.

2.  strain out the solids and use the liquid to bathe animals to keep them protected, healthy and thriving.


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