Lampblack Ink

1.  Choose a candle colour to coordinate with the purpose of your spell, (green for money for instance)

2.  Carve and dress as desired, then burn the candle

3.  Hold a spoon over the candle flame until black soot forms. (this takes a while; it's a time consuming process requiring patience.) this soot is Lampblack

4.  When sufficient Lampblack is produced, carefully tap it off the spoon and into a bowl

5.  Add spring water, drop by drop, to dissolve the soot and then add gum arabica to thicken the ink

Enhanced Lampblack Ink

This formula, which incorporates sacred resins , is specifically designed for spirit summoning spells, especially for creating angel sigils, but also be used for protection spells

1.  Blend benzoin, frankincense, and myrrh resin and burn

2.  Hold a spoon over the burning resin until lampblack soot forms. (be patient)

3.  Gently tap the soot into a bowl

4.  add rose hydrosol or water drop by drop until the Lampblack is desolved

5.  Add Gum Arabica so that the ink is thick enough to use

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