Below are links to the knowledge you seek, gruesome devices used in the earths history for keeping the peace or getting revenge on enemies. 

It can only be assumed, the reasons such devices are so evil in nature, is due to the sick mindedness of the creator and punishment givers in our morbid past. 

The simple fact that these abominations were even a thought would shuffle the modern day human into intense therapy, only being allowed out at weekends...... maybe.

But the creators in the past were glorified and paid handsomely.

Maybe (just maybe) some of the earths leaders in history were fruitcakes 

or consuming far to many mushrooms to be healthy for ones mind.

As you read through these pages, let it flit across your mind, than human beings actually did this to human beings... sobering thought.. 

Whatever the reason they were used, these devices existed, and were used on thousands of human beings of all ages, from babies to the elderly for thousands of years.

WARNING! Some of the images and writings herein, contain graphic content, both visual and explanatory..

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