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From the UK, born in Essex now living by the sea in Lincolnshire. I have always had a fascination about the topics i research here on Shadezofblack.

What are we?

Shadezofblack is a reference site, housed with information about different torture devices in our history! Also we have a section about the history of witchcraft, and with your help, would like to make it a home to many usable spells for all those that practice. We also have a Ghosts section, this tells the tales of many a ghost (and locations of ghosts), coupled with a section on the site telling the true stories behind fairy tales, this section is an interesting read to say the least. we also have a gift shop, as you can imagine, a few unusual gifts here.

Why the name Shadezofblack?

My nickname used to be shadez so it kinda fit when I created the name some 13 years ago, plus also ‘shadez’ is a quirk on ‘shades’ which our history has plenty of! .The ‘Black’ signifies the dark, shadowed (black) past of the planet earth.

In short, Shadezofshadow and Shadezofdark did not read as well so Shadezofblack it was! ;)

Shadezofblack Re-Born

I first created shadezofblack way back in my 20's (I am in my 40's now) The Website is being Re-built, as it once was a huge website built on yahoo website servers, filled with 100’s of pages of information. Before yahoo deleted it in a heartbeat when I moved house (address did not tally with my card details, they did not an email....i paid monthly so they killed our wonderful site. this happened several years ago, but I was so heartbroken I did not re-create Shadezofblack until May 2018... now we are reborn on another host and we pay yearly!)

Please bear with us, it takes a long time to create just one page, and as I am re-creating 100's, it may take a while to re-populate. on the plus side this means this site will have new things to see all the time!

But because we are starting over, it is going to take some time to re-populate as yahoo really did a number on our old site is deleted... completely. But just because we are starting over , this does not mean the site is not ready for you, there is already plenty to read inside.

We would love for you to take part in Shadezofblack. be active, submit stories, spells, ideas, make friends, join in and above all have fun :)



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